Another year shot to hell…..

Amazing. Where did it go? My last post to this blog was January 14, 2010. By managing to get this posted this morning, I’ll bring my total posts for the year to a whopping 2. How did that happen????

For someone who would like to be able to call myself a writer, I’ve been doing precious little writing lately. Oh sure, there are the usual excuses (and some a bit more unusual), like a 70 hour work week, family, house, pets, all of my other goals and interests and dreams – but if I don’t get my hands out from under me and onto a keyboard, I’m going to have to change the name of the blog to the Old Age Diaries…..

I’m a big fan of resolutions. I like lists and planning and all of that stuff…. where I come apart is when the list and the plans and the intentions become action. I have very few things to look back on for 2010 that I can say moved my life forward in a direction of my choosing (or in much of any direction to be honest….).

My hopes and plans and goals for this year are to take more action. Even a baby step in the right direction is better than planning quantum leaps and leaving them un-leapt…

For my friends, I wish you a moment of reflection so you can see if you took action to move your life forward last year. If you did – congratulations – let me know what you did and what prompted you to do it. If you didn’t – take one tiny step today, just one tiny movement in the right direction will help break the chains of inertia which have had you captive. Move toward your dreams and have a beautiful 2011.