I feel like I should have an acceptance speech ready, and, quite honestly, “I got nothin”.


After my post “Spit out the Mouthguard and Step Away from the Corner” was named “Highly Recommend” in the Personality category in Jon Morrow’s Serious Bloggers Only Best of 2014 Competition, I must admit I’ve been pretty excited.

There are a few reasons for my giddiness; the first being that I almost chickened out and didn’t enter at all. That would have been pretty silly (but sadly not atypical) behavior. Happily, some bold and wild side of me said, “Oh, what the hell”, and entered anyway. Two points for the bold and wild side.

The next reason I’m so happy is that I’ve been wondering if I’ve “got what it takes” to start querying articles outside of my beloved but poorly paid niche of horse magazines. I’ve also been wondering if I could actually bring anything to the table in terms of voice. I mean, I know I’ve got one, I just wasn’t sure anyone wanted to listen to it…

So, if you’ve made your way to this blog because of the SBO Competition, thanks for the visit and please feel free to visit my horse related blog site,             TheHorseyLife or my writer’s website, www.TheHorseWriter.com (apologies for the lack of a link, my phone is refusing to play nice).

Being given this honor has been even more appreciated because I’ve been in the hospital since Monday with a kidney infection (hence the lack of laptop).

I hope you enjoy my words. Please feel free to leave comments. My reply time is likely to be somewhat erratic for the next couple of days until I go home, but be patient (no pun intended), and I’ll get back to you.

I hope you have a peaceful and joyous remainder of the year and that 2015 is your best year ever.