As a small business owner who is working toward creating an online business, I’m a huge fan of Firepole Marketing. I conPhoto Courtesy of free-download-web.comsider Danny Iny nothing short of a genius, and on top of that, he seems like a really nice guy. He is generous with his knowledge, and any of his webinars you attend will give you a tremendous amount of valuable takeaway, not just a pitch to buy a product or course.  When my business launches within the next couple of months, it will be in large part due to what I’ve learned from Firepole Marketing.

So, it was a bit of a surprise when I received an email this morning telling me that Firepole was changing direction. I’ve copied and pasted the important parts of the email below so you can see why I was surprised.

I’ve got a big announcement to make, for the biggest shift in our strategic direction since we published our very first blog post.

And believe me, this has been a long time coming.

I ignored it for years, and then resisted it for several more… but ultimately, I should know better than anyone (because that’s what I’ve been teaching all of you!) that you can’t tell the market what it wants… you can only fulfill the needs that are already being expressed.

And, from the very first day that our website went live, there’s been one big need that’s been expressed over and over, that we’ve never even thought about fulfilling…

…until now.

It started at the very beginning, with the choice of our name.

I often get asked where the name “Firepole Marketing” came from… well, as much as anything, it came from our frustration at not finding an available .com for the any of the names that we really wanted for our new marketing education company.

We had some vague idea of using the fireman or first-responder analogy (“when your business is burning, you don’t have time for the stairs”), but we’ve always emphasized quality, solid foundations above all else, so the first-responder thing never really went anywhere.

And, truth be told, most of the success that we’ve enjoyed has been in spite of the name Firepole, not because of it. Because, other than creating a bit of confusion, it’s not a name that really struck home with any particular demographic… except one.

I’m talking about strippers.

Since the very beginning, because of our name, we would rank highly for stripper pole-related searches…

…but we ignored that opportunity. Truth be told, we were too focused on what we WANTED to do (teach marketing) to see what people were actually asking us for.

Well, no more.

As much as we’ve enjoyed working with our Beacon community for the past few years, we can’t keep ignoring this opportunity. Which is why, from this day forward, we’re going to wholeheartedly embrace the stripers that have been begging us to support them.

So stay tuned for all manner of stripper-related offers from Firepole in the coming months, including…

…Firepole-branded stripper poles…

…stripping exercise videos…

…stripper marketing courses (of course!)…

…and maybe even an official Firepole Stripper Certification program.

The sky is really the limit with this new market, and we’re so, so excited to explore it in the coming months and years!



So, you can see why I was surprised. I had planned on my business, Find Yourself on a Horse, to be a community for mid-life women to translate the lessons they learned with their horses into life lessons they could use on the broader canvas of their day to day lives. From the barn to the boardroom and the bedroom is what I had planned, but this email from Firepole made me rethink my entire business model.

I’m so excited about what I have come up with, that I’m sharing my reply to Firepole here with you. I can’t wait to start on this new journey! My reply to Firepole is below:

“I can’t tell you how excited I am by your change!

Finally! A resource for us – the pole dancers of the world.
As you have always encouraged us to find our niche, I have truly found mine: middle aged, overweight pole dancers!
My ideal customer is Fifi LaRue, who alway wanted to work the joints just off the strip in Vegas (pun intended), but couldn’t get past her strict upbringing to make the move.
My first impression incentive will be titled:
“Can this pole vault you into a new life?” Or perhaps, “Santa never saw the pole like *this* before”
I foresee a video training series, weekly Q& A sessions and a podcast entitled “Exploration to the Pole – no parka required.”
I can’t wait to get started with the new training material – this will answer the dreams of so many women!
Thanks for finally addressing a truly deserving segment of the population.


PS – Happy April 1st to you, too ;-)”
So, on that note, I hope you all enjoy your first day of April. Let me know if you got a giggle out of this post 🙂